WHEN we feel threatened, we move into fight or flight mode, or become unresponsive.

Anger is the body’s “fight” response that one gets as a defence mechanism.

Kids are like sponges and their parents affect their behaviour.

Often, parents advocate rights above discipline, raising children out of fear of being on the wrong side of the law and of their kids.

Here are a few tips that parents can use to handle anger in children:

  • Start with yourself – model appropriate behaviour
  • Show children ways to manage their impulses
  • Set limits on aggression
  • Connect by spending time together
  • Be calm to restore a sense of safety
  • Respond to your child with empathy and respect when setting boundaries
  • Teach accountability and compassion by allowing kids to make their own choices

When kids are emotionally intelligent, they have the gift of understanding ways to use and manage their emotions in positive ways, allowing them to distress, communicate, identify with others and overcome social challenges and pressures.

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