Last year

THAT sad season of doom has come again to some of our young people.

Soon there will be booze all over – as if there was no tomorrow.

And allegations that the media contributes to alcohol abuse by the young are true.

But should we sit, fold our hands and watch as young people’s future drowns in unholy waters?

Parenting is supposed to be a position of authority and final word for the
direction any child should take.

As for the bunch of directionless youngsters who will soon be drowning themselves in booze – they’re
projecting the kind of
reckless parenting they see at home.

When it comes to apportioning blame for bad behaviour, we shouldn’t point a finger at confused young people – but at their parents.

Like father like son, so the saying goes.

Some parents had better wake up and engage their kids. If they fail to do this, their New Year’s resolutions disappear at a child’s
funeral – thanks to booze.

While the media and other factors that encourage young people to consume alcohol are also to blame, responsibility for the degradation of our kids will be faced by both parents and family members who are affected by an alcohol tragedy.

To all the youth out there: be careful that the few
remaining days in 2016 don’t cost you eternal tears.

All the best in 2017!
Norman Mahlangu

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