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MORE couples are opting for “vat en sit” rather than marriage. But how do you know you’re ready for this move?

Your'e not sure

You might want to put this on hold for a while. Moving in is a big step. Emotions and finances should be ready to handle it.

  • Never been on a vacation

If the only time you spend together is a couple of hours a day, then it’s safe to say you haven’t had a taste of what it’s like to live with the ‘real’ him.

  • On and off relationships

When couples move in as the solution to a rough patch, it can easily end in disaster.

  • Unstable finances

If this is a shaky topic, it’s safer to live separately.

  • It’s still early days

Love is madness. Decisions made under its spell tend to be lacking in common sense. So don’t rush in!

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