FROM the outset, boys and men are socialised not to talk about their emotions.

Men are mostly socialised not to express their emotions, causing them to repress their feelings and, at times, to disconnect from those around them.

This makes it difficult for them to willingly attend counselling sessions.

Toxic beliefs:

  • Masculinity is the display of physical and mental toughness
  • Showing aggression and physical force is “manly”
  • Having more than one sexual partner or frequent sex makes you more masculine
  • Showing emotion is a sign of femininity

Benefits of counselling:

  • Conditions such as depression, anxiety or eating disorders can be dealt with
  • Taxing physical health conditions like infertility are addressed
  • Stressful life events such as a relationship breakdown or work-related stress is solved
  • Difficult emotions such as anger or disappointment are put on the table
  • Your sexual identity.

Men may feel hesitant about attending counselling sessions but seeking professional help is having the courage to understand that tough times do not last – tough people do!

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