Sexual abuse committed by kids on other kids often goes unreported or dismissed by adults. This is brought about by fear of the consequences that this act has for the child offender and the one victimised.

Any sexual act initiated by one person against another without that person’s consent is abuse. The act may be done with physical force, coercion, abuse of authority or against a person who is unable to give consent.

Signs to look out for in your child:

  • Constant inappropriate sexual behaviour with other children
  • Sexual threats or insults
  • Viewing of sexual images of other children
  • Forced sexual interaction by exposing their genitals (exhibited directly or non directly)
  • Takes younger children to ‘secret’ or well-hidden places to play

It is difficult to address this issue as it is difficult for adults to think of children as capable of sexually abusing others. Help your child by teaching the four ‘Rs:

  • Discuss rules
  • Train yourself to read children’s relationships
  • Model respect
  • Affirm responsibility

Prevention by means of educating children from a young age promotes healthy sexual behaviour from the onset.

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