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Communities are urged not to kill snakes but to rather call for help to remove them.  ~ 

JUST like humans, snakes also love the summer weather.

They come out of hibernation on the hunt for a meal.

Reptile Educational Awareness Consultants urge people to be vigilant during summer.

The organisation is the largest snake rescue volunteer group, with more than 100s reptile rescued. The group said: “Spring time is also snake time.”

Shaun MacLeod, director of the group, said with the recent sunny weather, it’s quite likely that people will encounter snakes.

“Cold-blooded reptiles are now becoming more active and a lot more visible.

“Snakes are very important to our natural environment as they control rodents, which destroy our crops and carry numerous diseases. Snakes and various other reptiles form part of the very important balance in our ecosystem.

“A simple equation is that the more snakes we kill, the more rodents and pests there are,” he said.

MacLeod said heaps of building rubble, piles of rocks and building materials in and around gardens attract snakes.

“Snakes are attracted to neglected areas where there is not much disturbance, as they hate confrontation.”

MacLeod said there is no real way of keeping snakes off properties but urged people to keep their grass cut short, trees well trimmed and clean up any building rubble.

If you live in an area with snakes, MacLeod shared the following tips:

  • If you see a snake, keep calm and move away from the area.
  • Give the snake an opportunity to escape and don’t attempt to capture or harm it.
  • Never try to kill a snake.
  • Keep an eye on the snake until help arrives.

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