ANDILE* heard about a guy who could get you onto the RDP waiting list and also bump you up it.

All it cost was R5 000 in cash upfront. This guy said in a week, you would be in your new RDP home.

Andile wants to believe this guy could get him an RDP house but he’s just not sure.

Should he hand over his money and wish for the best?

Scorpion Legal Protection’s advice? Definitely not! This could be a scam. There are specific requirements to qualify for an RDP house.

You must:

  • Earn less than R3 500 a month per household.
  • Be a South African citizen, although certain areas do allow foreigners to apply.
  • Be married, or live with a long-term partner, be single but have financial dependants; or be a single military veteran or elderly person without dependants.
  • Be 21 or older.
  • Be legally able to sign a contract. People who can’t sign contracts include minors, the mentally challenged, those under the influence of substances and jailed convicts.
  • Be a first-time government subsidy recipient.
  • Be a first-time home owner.

These can change and you should call your provincial housing department for the latest qualifying requirements.

RDP houses can’t be bought. You can only buy them from someone after they’ve had it for eight years or more.

If someone tells you to pay a fee to get on a waiting list, it’s a scam and a fee won’t hasten your application. Rather deal directly with the housing department. When you apply, you’ll receive proof of registration, which is Form C. It shows the date on which you applied and your application number.

To check if your name is on the provincial waiting list, take this form to your satellite or provincial housing office.

If your name is on it, the process has begun.

  • Anyone asking you to pay any fee upfront will just take your money and run.
  • There’s a process involved in getting an RDP house, meant for the poorest citizens and not for those wanting to save cash.
  • Get an application form at your nearest department or housing office.

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* This is only basic advice and cannot be relied on solely. Names have been changed to protect identity