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Simon Chauke from Joburg said on 23 November, his manager told him that he had not followed the correct procedure when he disposed of waste the day before.

The manager said he had viewed footage which confirmed that Simon had not followed instructions.

The manager then told him he should submit a statement admitting to not following the procedure.

Simon refused, and later the manager told Simon he was the reason for shrinkage taking place at the company and that he was going to book a disciplinary hearing for him.

Simon said he was not even at work on the 22nd and needs advice as to what to do about the situation.


I contacted Scorpion Legal Protection for professional legal advice.


The advice from the attorney at Scorpion is that Simon should not wait to be called to a hearing but should lodge a formal grievance against the manager with his Human Resources Department.

The attorney said Simon must inform them that in his view he is being falsely accused by the manager without evidence, and that he is in essence being harassed. The grievance may prevent him from being taken to a hearing and the company will reprimand the manager.

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