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Thomas Matseba from Rantshayeng in Limpopo said he owed Sterns R1 500 and the debt was handed over to the debt collectors. In 2005, they started to deduct R180 from his salary.

The deductions have been done every month until now which means he has paid far more than the R1 500 he owed. The attorney refuses to stop the deductions and to refund him the amount that he overpaid.


I spoke to SCORPION LEGAL PROTECTION SERVICES lawyers to provide Thomas with professional advice.

When a debt is handed over for collection, additional costs such as interest and other charges such as legal costs, collection commission and interest may be added and increase the amount significantly.

Thomas needs to contact the creditor’s attorneys and request a complete breakdown of his balance including their bill of costs to justify their fees. Sometimes a debt does not reduce because payments were not received increasing the interest or that payments were made late to the creditor’s attorney.

Thomas will have to speak to his employer for a breakdown of the payments so that he can compare the amount and work out if there are any differences between the statement because this could explain the time it took him to repay the money.

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