AN ANONYMOUS SunReader from Alberton, Ekurhuleni said he’s had a policy with Clientele Legal since 2017.

He said he’s asked them for help with his former employer but never gets assistance.

He only gets emails confirming they’d received his email and SMSes about payments. When he was dismissed in December, he sent them an email but still did not get any help and cancelled his policy in January. A consultant called him on 21 January and processed the cancellation but on 25 January, his account was still debited.

He wants a refund of all his premiums.


I spoke to Clientele Legal for feedback.


Group Compliance Officer Yurika Pistorius said the policy started last February and in April, the reader sent them an email to find out if he could get an attorney to help him.

A legal advisor called him to say his policy was still in the waiting period and he could only be given legal advice by telephone.

The client said he should only be contacted by email or SMS and was sent a message saying he could only get help by telephone.

For the rest of the year, emails went back and forth, including his concerns about Clientele, which were addressed.

He was advised to refer his matter to the CCMA.

In December, he sent the company an email to say he’d been dismissed but because he missed payments for July and December, his cover was interrupted and he still did not have full cover.

He lodged a complaint in January but when the company tried to resolve it, he wanted the policy cancelled ,which was done on 21 January. He lodged a complaint with the internal arbitrator, who found the company had acted legally.

His January premium was refunded.