NORMAN Mametja from Boksburg said his brother Willington Mametja was admitted to Tambo Memorial Hospital for what seemed like mental health issues.

After admission, Willingtonwas allegedly strapped to his bed for four days and then jumped out the window.

He was put in ICU after being injured during the fall.

The hospital said he needs to be transferred to an institution in Pretoria for physiotherapy.

The family can’t afford for him to be so far away and asked that he stays where he is or for him to be discharged into their care.

The hospital allegedly refused to agree to these requests and called Norman to sign the transfer papers, which he can’t do.


I spoke to the hospital.


Acting hospital CEO Arthur Manning said: “The reason for transfer is for specialised rehabilitation, part of his treatment.

“I advise the family to discuss treatment options with us. It will be bad for him if he does not have the necessary treatment.”