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WHEN Semole checked her bank statement, she saw that a debit order of R105 for a funeral policy had gone off on her account.

She had not signed up for it and knew nothing about it.


Unsure of what to do, Semole went to her nearest SCORPION branch for help.

What does the law say?

A debit order is an agreement between you and a service provider. It allows the service provider to deduct money from your bank account.

It is important to understand the bank does not play a part in this. All it does is follow an instruction to pay money.

The service provider that took your money is the one responsible for refunding it.

How do you get your money back?

You can visit one of your bank’s branches to give them a letter instructing them to cancel the debit order. The bank will cancel the unauthorised debit order.

If the funds have not been transferred, then the bank will reimburse the money.

If the transfer has already been completed, then Semole will have to claim her money back from the funeral policy company.

How does this happen?

This is what happens with identity theft. The fraudulent company gets hold of your account details somewhere, and they are the ones who must pay it back.

Make sure you keep an eye on your bank statement and let your bank know if anything suspicious happens on your account.

You can also sign up to get SMS notifications for transactions on your bank account, so you’ll know immediately if someone tries something you haven’t given permission for.

How can SCORPION help Semole?

Scorpion can write a letter to the bank for Semole and also contact the service provider on her behalf to demand her money back.

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