Johannes Mabena from Delmas, Mpumalanga, said he applied for a loan with African Bank and the application was approved.

The money was deposited on the same day and in May 2018 he received a call from someone claiming to be from the bank.

They needed his personal details, which he supplied, as he didn’t suspect anything.

His cellphone number was blocked so he bought a new phone.

But when he went to the bank to activate his SMS notification he discovered that R6 000 had been withdrwan from his account.

He was advised to open a case which he did. But he can’t get answers from the bank.


I contacted African Bank to find out what had happened.


Sonnet Botha from African Bank said when Johannes was told the loan had been approved a message was sent to him with a warning about scamsters. The message said if he was scammed he wouldn’t get a refund. She also advised consumers about the dangers of phishing and voice phishing, a process where fraudsters phone customers and use various tactics to trick consumers into disclosing information such as their bank card, PIN and Card Verification number.African Bank advises its customers never to disclose personal information to strangers claiming to be from the bank over the phone.