TIMOTHY Dlamini from Diepkloof in Soweto is one of five siblings.

Timothy’s parents have died and his four siblings are married and have their own houses.

Timothy and his siblings want to change their parents’ home into a family house.

They want to know who to talk to and what documents are needed for the process to take place.

The house is still registered in their mother’s name.


I spoke to the deeds office to find out what procedure the siblings should follow.


Officials from the deeds office advised them to get a conveyancer.

A conveyancer is a lawyer who deals with property.

The lawyer should draw up the necessary documents and lodge them at the deeds office to register the change of ownership.

The deceased estate of the parents must be reported and finalised at the office of the Master of the High Court.

If the parents had a will, it must be handed to the court so that the master can determine who will get the property.

The person who lives in the house is responsible for the municipal rates, water and electricity.