FIKILE Siphamba from Pimville, Soweto, said the father of her minor kids died and left money for the little ones.

But she’s been struggling to get the money. She received a letter stating that the money was kept in a trust account.

Given that she’s unemployed and the dead man was the sole breadwinner, Fikile wants to know how to go about getting child maintenance from the trust.

The Bargaining Council placed the money in trust is not forthcoming with information.


I spoke to the Furniture Bargaining Council to find out how Fikile could get money for her kids.


Constance Maake from the council confirmed that they had since contacted Fikile to advise her on the steps to take when making a claim for financial assistance.

She would receive money three times a year for school fees, uniforms and clothing.

The funds would otherwise be kept in a trust until the children turned 18.

Constance has confirmed that Fikile has since received money for winter clothes and graduation at creche.

This was after she submitted her quotations.