MOSES Khumalo from Alexandra, Joburg works for a company in Benoni.

He said that since lockdown started, the workers have been unhappy with a lot of things. As a result, they decided to go on strike because their HR wasn’t helping with their grievances.


When workers plan to strike, there are procedures to be followed to legalise the strike. They must refer the dispute to the Bargaining Council if it has jurisdiction.

If not, they can go to the CCMA for conciliation. If either of the bodies can’t resolve the dispute, a certificate of non-resolution must be obtained or they can wait for 30 days period to lapse.

When the certificate has been obtained and the 30 days period has lapsed, workers must give the other party 48 hours notice to strike. Failing to follow this procedure, the strike would be illegal.

The effects of which may work against the workers because it might result in dismissal, among other things.