DAVEY Mhlongo from Germiston, Ekurhuleni, has been working for his current employer for four years.

When lockdown was announced in March, he couldn’t work until he was called back to work in May.

He worked until 15 June.

Then he was informed he will be called when there’s work again, but that hasn’t happened.

When he asks about his job, he is told that there isn’t enough work. He’s also told he should rather look for another job.

He doesn’t mind looking for another job, but he needs his employer to retrench him, so he can claim UIF and provident funds.

The employer does not want to retrench him, so he’s left without an income.


Davey has been temporarily laid off and can apply for the temporary employer/employee relief scheme benefit from the Department of Employment and Labour.

The department has opened the application process for the Ters system to allow affected employees to apply where their employers have not made the application for them. The application can be made on the department’s website, and progress on the application can be checked.