LEGENDARY musician and TV host Stoan Seate is back with another exciting episode of Sun’Ceda tonight.

Following the successful first episode last week where Tina wanted to honour her mum, Stoan will now meet Patrick, who was abandoned as a child and has since dedicated his life to helping those who have no one else to rely on.

The Bongo Maffin member won’t be running solo – he will be joined by Daily Sun’s very own Mr Fixit.

Speaking to the People’s Paper, Stoan said tonight’s episode would be very emotional.

“When you come across people who work in the community like this one, the common thing is that they do not get enough support from government structures. We tried to have an all-round approach by helping him in his daily work and home circumstance as he has a physically challenged adopted son,” he said.

Stoan said working with Mr Fixit was amazing.

“Collaborating with Mr Fixit made things easier, and he was able to separate the shower and bathroom for the people living at the hospice. This is something they have been wanting to do, and it brought a lot of smiles on people’s faces,” he said.

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