TV PRESENTER Stoan Seate is back with yet another heart-warming episode of Sun’Ceda.

Tonight, he’ll be introducing Mzansi to Jacob Madisha from Tshwane, who grew up poor.

Jacob’s friends used to laugh at him because of the clothes he wore.

But today he has managed to turn his life around and has become the guy who helps the neighbourhood children with clothes through his charity drive.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Stoan said he enjoyed shooting the show as he had a chance to get his hands dirty.

“I spent almost the whole day, assisted him with pushing his trolley to their feeding scheme area where they give out food and clothes.

“This episode is going to warm people’s hearts and remind them that there are selfless and kind individuals out there because considering his backstory, he could have gathered the wealth that he has to improve himself. But instead, he wants to rise with others,” he said.

The Bongo Maffin group member shared that Jacob welcomed the help.

“He talks a lot. The whole time I was with him he did most of the talking and I listened, and I enjoyed hearing his thoughts.”

“I am really looking forward to seeing the change that he’s going to bring further into his community, because many people rely on his drive.

“We are very grateful to all our sponsors that made all of this possible.

“If it wasn’t for their continuous support, we wouldn’t have pulled through and left him with a huge smile on his face,” said Stoan.

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