MANY SunReaders who’ve been with the paper for almost 20 years will know SunPower is something close to our hearts.

Ever since we were invited into your homes in 2002, the People’s Paper has been just that – a place where stories are told.

Over the years you’ve shared the tears we’ve shed – and the laughter.

What we saw very fast was the ubuntu among SunReaders.

Moved by what you read in Daily Sun, many SunReaders – where they could and with what means they themselves had – began to call the paper to help those who had shared their stories.

And so SunPower was born.

Now, Daily Sun is proud to announce it has teamed up with 1Life and Mzansi Wethu to invite everyone on a journey with Stoan Seate as he embarks on a mission to bring more SunPower to SunReaders on TV.

Our editor-in-chief, Mapula Nkosi, said: “In our storytelling, Daily Sun captures the generous and selfless spirit of Mzansi. Just like Sun’Ceda we knock on the doors of South Africans who desperately seek help and bring them hope and solutions every day.

“Our incredible stories not only shine the spotlight on our social malaise, but empower individuals and communities.”

Sometimes all we need is a leg up in life to get going again, get answers to questions that are plaguing us, or to see a way through a tunnel that only has a light right at the end.

  • Catch Sun’Ceda for the first time on Mzansi Wethu (163) on Thursday, 2 July at 6.30pm