DAILY Sun’s new TV show is indeed living up to its name.

This week Sun’Ceda will visit Tebogo, whose family is struggling to come to terms with their breadwinner losing the ability to work.

Presenter Stoan Seate told SunBuzz: “This week’s episode is a tough one emotionally.

“We’re going to take the viewers into the lives of a family that’s faced with the difficulty of taking care of a senior family member.

“This difficulty affects the dynamic between the siblings and their personal relationships in their own families.”

Stoan said Tebogo’s family was looking for healing.

“The family is looking for healing in terms of their personal relationships, and they’re also looking for something to give them courage to continue helping their mum, who has a terminal condition,” he said.

“As Sun’Ceda, we’re going to help with their spiritual and emotional health.

“The answer to their problem isn’t to eliminate it, but to help them cope with it.”

Stoan said he’s glad that Sun’Ceda is being received positively by the public.

“It warms my heart that people are actually recognising and acknowledging the good that we do in the community.

“It’s been amazing. People are very generous. They actually get in touch and offer more help.

  • “That’s why I have a continuous plea that if anyone has the means to help they shouldn’t hesitate to come forward and contact me or Mzansi Wethu,” he said.Catch Sun’Ceda on Mzansi Wethu (DStv channel 163) every Thursday at 6.30pm.