The TV show that helps South Africans who’ve been featured in Daily Sun is back with another explosive episode.

Sun’Ceda this week visited Mrs Tshaba, who’s worried about her daughter Gugu.

Gugu is in grade 10, but she prefers skipping school to sell chicken feet to support her family.

Presenter Stoan Seate said: “Every week on Sun’Ceda we’re faced with different challenges.

“This week’s challenge was a very difficult one because having an education is important.

“It really broke my heart to hear that such a young girl with so much potential has to sacrifice her schooling in order to support her family.”

Stoan (45) said he’s grateful that Mrs Tshaba is not giving up on her daughter’s future.

“It’s very difficult for a parent to see their child giving up on life and making sacrifices they shouldn’t be making.

“Compromising their future, and taking the roles of being adults, due to circumstances and family backgrounds.”

“Mrs Tshaba continues to try and convince her daughter to go back to school, as she wants a better future and opportunities for her.”, better than the ones that she got,” he said.

The talented musician said he’s proud of the work he’s done so far.

“I hope we continue to provide continuous help that’s everlasting in lives that we touch.”

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