IN this week’s explosive episode of Sun’Ceda, presenter Stoan is a referee between family members.

We met Mama Margaret, who’s tired of constant fights between her and her brother, and would like to mend their relationship.

Speaking to SunBuzz, Stoan said: “Meeting Mama Margaret was a pleasant experience because she reminded me of some of my aunts.”

The 45-year-old SunHero said it’s important for family members to be respectful towards each other.

“Margaret’s brother felt disrespected by her sister’s children.

“He felt that his word as an adult in the home doesn’t count.

“I think it’s important that families maintain a certain level of respect and authority to avoid such situations.”

Stoan said being part of the show has taught him not to prejudge situations.

“Every week we’re faced with different scenarios.

“The whole experience has taught me to never jugde a book by its cover.

“It’s important to get to know people more because everyone has unique circumstances,” he said.

Catch Stoan on Sun’Ceda on Mzansi Wethu (DStv channel 163) at 6.30pm