DAILY Sun’s TV show has delivered another heart-warming episode.

Aimed at bringing hope to SunPeople’s lives, the team recently visited Keke Lenolo, a young man who has been feeding his family using his passion for food. But after thugs broke into his building and took his equipment, things haven’t been easy for him.


Presenter Stoan Seate told SunBuzz: “It was nice to meet Keke. He’s a very soft-spoken person who’s been wrestling with life trying to make a comeback after his business was destroyed.

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“He’s also the breadwinner at home and depends on odd jobs to survive. He hasn’t had a stable job for more than three years and lockdown really affected him.”

Stoan was glad that Keke also received counselling for what he has been through. “It’s always important that with all our people we help that we offer counselling, so a person can speak and bring out the pain. There’s always a surrounding circumstance. It’s not just a singular issue, but more of the surrounding issue too, such as family, personal and environmental issues.

“So it’s always important that we offer them a platform where they offload.”


The Bongo Maffin member is proud of the work the show is doing.

“The beautiful thing is as we’re going and broadcasting episodes, people come and offer extra help. I’m hoping there are a few more seasons of this show and I believe this will grow more into a much bigger entity and movement that will help with the betterment of South Africans.

“Although it may seem as if it’s a drop in the ocean, a drop is a drop more than the ocean had and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Stoan said he has an ongoing request for the people at home. “For the people watching Sun’Ceda and they feel they can assist in whatever way, they are welcome to contact me. They shouldn’t hesitate.”

) Catch Sun’Ceda every Thursday at 6.30pm on Mzansi Wethu DStv channel 163