It's Women's month and the air is filled with celebrations, commemorations and empowerment workshops for women all over Mzansi.

Empowaworx together with Unleashing Leadership Potential (ULP) partnered in hosting Women in Oil and gas.

The summit was aimed at inspiring and motivating young women that there is space for women to lead in this male dominated industry. 

The panel included a group of women that are leading in this industry and they all did a good job in sharing their experiences. The ladies spoke of the  challenges  as well as successes that they have gone through  as leaders. The space was filled with women of all ages that came to be inspired as well as network with other women in this very powerful initiative. 

The programme was directed by Desiree Chauke and the speakers included the CEO of WOESA Khumo Nthla, CEO of BP SA, Priscillah Mabelane, CEO of Women in fuel and oils Pria Hassan and the general secretary of National African energy wholesalers Association of South Africa Priscilla Selele.

The day was filled with laughter, inspiration and the women where equipped with the notion that women can do it all. 

The speakers advised that patience is the greatest virtue to have in business and one must never forget that your people are your greatest assets. 

The women also took home advice such as, never be addicted to distraction. 

Pria Hassan advised the women that "change must never fear you, don't be scared of change but instead embrace it."

Here are some statements that I found positive and inspiring during the program:

  • As a person, you never know enough, you always learn
  • Prayer, meditation and exercise is needed to balance yourself and your well-being
  • If you have health issues fix them
  • When opening your mouth as a leader you need to have an impact
  • Do not wait for things to happen
  • When your success is coming through, do not forget the other sisters behind
  • Cash flow is king, profits are fictional, learn to manage your wealth.
  • Do not make your dreams your children's dreams.