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Most of the time, the after effects of crime leave many people unable to earn an income.

This leads families to suffer the actual pain caused by crime as well as the pain of losing an income. 

A Crime Injury Cover would make things a little easier.

For example, if you get beaten up, raped or anything of that nature and you can't work for two weeks and you rely on your ability to work to pay for your debts and life expenses, the Crime Injury Cover can help a lot in this regard.

While some people might think it's immoral to benefit financially in the event of crime, the reality is one needs money to help cope in times of a tragedy. 

Stangen Insurance's Business Development Executive Debra Roussouw said a Cime Injury Cover also encourage victims of crime to report crime to the police.

"It also encourage people to  seek the first level of medical attention and psychological help, she  need 

"It basically provides you with the money to start your life afresh after the crime - perhaps moving to another town and away from the person that attacked you," she said

The cover helps you get back on your feet.

For more information read more on the Stangen website on www.stangen.co.za 

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