AUTHOR and speaker Simamkele Dial made a 180 degree turn out of her pain and found her purpose.

She has released two books at the moment, which are My Pain Perfected and Mastered Pieces.

My Pain Perfected is a description of a life carried through surviving rape and being sexually abused and later being orphaned.

Dial portrays how she found her life’s purpose through the pain she went through.

On the second book titled Mastered Pieces Failure, she writes about confronting mistakes and learning from them.

According to Dial the book encourages people not be afraid to fail, also not be afraid to confront the skeletons of the past in order to lead self.

She told Daily Sun that the books document her journey, in pursuing her calling and purpose.

Dial says every pain we go true has a purpose and that ego doesn’t take one anywhere.

“Rejection calls for restoration. Parts of you that have been rejected are someone else’s restoration,” She said.