Hey MizzB

I’M a 25-year-old married woman with a three-year-old daughter. I’m still breastfeeding.

My husband and I share a bed with her. We always make sure she’s asleep before we have sex, but the other night she caught us in the act.

She told my mum what she had seen. I worry this may scare her. What do I tell her?

  • Mama

Hey Mama

Consensual sex strengthens a relationship and builds a strong connection and intimacy.

But having sex in the presence of a child is a form of sexual grooming which can be interpreted as sexual abuse.

Exposure makes your daughter vulnerable to having sex at an early age. It decreases the likelihood of her speaking out about inappropriate advances.

Have an age-appropriate conversation with her about sex so she understands its value. Send a Please Call Me to 083 323 1023 or email mizzb@lovelife.org.za