3 months ago
Stop gossiping and think big!

Being a housewife can be frustrating and boring if you don’t have anything important to do during the day.

That’s why you often find women gossiping on street corners. Gossip comes out of the mouths of those with nothing else to say.

Nothing good results from gossip because people end up revealing family secrets.

And watching different soapie omnibus programmes and following social media doesn’t give your life meaning.

As human beings, what we get out of life make us happier fulfilled.

People come up with business ideas and strategies when they spend time on their own.

Housewives have all the time in the world to think and come up with brilliant business ideas and initiatives.

And those who read books have an advantage over those who don’t.

Books give us knowledge of how some prominent people started their businesses from nothing.

It is better for housewives to choose pastimes that could be turned into businesses one day.

Sewing, knitting, baking and trying out new recipes more often could give birth to big businesses in the future.

A passion to start a sewing, catering or baking business will keep you active in the house and loneliness will be history.

  • Ephenia Kubu

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