FIFTY families from Kameeldrift squatter camp in Rooodeplaat were recently provided with solar powered lighting. 

Renny Ramaro, one of the beneficiaries from the Tshwane kasi, said she had never had power before.  

She said she was happy because now she could finish her work at home.  

“These lights have also helped my child as she can do her homework at night.”

The lithium solar kits, which were donated and installed by Medipost Holdings and Kamcare Social and Training Services, can brighten a 20 square metre room for 10 hours. 

They also have the capacity to charge cellphones. 

Rentia Myburgh, Medipost’s director of sales, said: “Promotion of education and health has always been important to the company. 

“We believe these are the pillars of a more equal and prosperous society.”

She said solar power is a renewable energy lighting source which is a safer alternative than candles and paraffin lamps.

Kamcare manager Liezel Landman said: “Life without light is a struggle, especially when you need to do homework at night or need to charge your phone to search for job opportunities.”