NOMSA Mahlangu’s name will not be forgotten.

This is because she is the first woman to be the president of the Federation of African University Sports.

Nomsa, a senior director of sport at the University of Joburg, was elected president of the Federation last month in Entebbe, Uganda.

There were four candidates for election.

Mahlangu beat them — including a candidate that withdrew from the race for the top spot on the morning of the election.

Mahlangu said that she hopes her appointment will boost the empowerment of women.

“Hopefully this will pave the way for future developments because there is a need to open doors for more women, to empower them and to encourage them to hold these sorts of positions of responsibility,” she said.

“There are some important times ahead of us and our goals going forward are to unite university sportsmen and women in Africa,” said Mahlangu.

“We feel that university sport needs to play a bigger role in using research to improve our overall performances.” 

The Federation of African University Sports The federationis the governing body of university sport in Africa and was founded in 1971 by 10 African countries to improve the development of university sport on the continent.