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Tsogang Bomme Leitirele Society from Nkagisang Village in Klerksdorp. Photo by Malereko Tae  ~ 

IT’S ALWAYS exciting when people gather to bulk buy their groceries every year!

The members of Tsogang Bomme Leitirele Society worked hard to achieve what they have today.

Kereditse Letebele, chairwoman of the society, from Nkagisang Village in Klerksdorp, said saving money to buy groceries was not easy throughout the year as they had other things to pay for.

She said all the eight members stress about what they can’t afford to buy every month end.

“These days R1 000 no longer buys you the groceries you need.

“You will need more than that to buy enough every month.”

She said most of their members rely on their children’s social grant money to pay the stokvel’s monthly contributions.

But the situation is even worse when you are unemployed and don’t get social grant money.

This is why these mums formed the society in 2014 to ease their financial burdens.

Now they help each other to buy food and other needed items.

Kereditse said Tsogang has helped them afford groceries for the past two years.

She thanked all the women who have been with the society since day one. “Without them I wouldn’t be able to buy any food.”

They meet at the end of the month to pay R250 each. They plan to increase the contribution to R300 next year to match the food prices which keep going up and up.

Kereditse said all the members were very proud of what they had achieved so far and that they still wanted to see their stokvel grow in leaps and bounds over the next two years.

Neighbours who want to be part of the society are allowed to join with R50 when they reopen again in January.

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