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Nomsa Mazibuko is not only a great entrepreneur but she want you to learn from her. Photo by Njabulo Ngcobo  ~ 

Leave people better than you found them,” is the motto of Nomsa Mazibuko, an amazing entrepreneur.

Mazibuko, from Emalahleni, owns the ever-growing range of Visit Vakasha guesthouses.

She started with only one and through hard work, she now has nine and her business is still growing.

Her true success in the hospitality industry is affirmed by her Tsogo Sun Entrepreneur of the Year award.

But why is SunMoney telling you about her today?

Mazibuko has accumulated a lot of wisdom about business and being a businesswoman which would be helpful advice to any entrepreneur facing challenges. And she wrote a book all about her experiences and understanding named Entrepreneur: awaken with a drive.

In this inspirational book, Mazibuko takes entrepreneurs down her journey to success.

“Growing up with a family shop, we had to take turns serving customers. I think my drive was awakened back then.

“I can never thank my mother enough for giving me that education.”

In more than 30 years of entrepreneurship, she also owned a hair salon and a cleaning service before entering the hospitality world, where all her previous experiences blossomed.

“All the success that I witness now did not come overnight. It came slowly out of years of struggle and faith in God. I had to fall before I could rise to my current success.”

She said entrepreneur development programmes such as the one Tsogo Sun offers is something entrepreneurs who want to succeed must not shy away from.

“Never stop learning! Embrace any opportunity to learn whatever comes your way. If you do, you will go far in your business.”

Mazibuko is also very strong on forming partnerships.

“You might have a great idea but have no money for it. Go out and find the person with money to fund your idea and help you to turn it into something great. Partnerships are important for success.”

A quick tour of any of the Visit Vakasha guesthouses will show you why she is top in her field.

True to the spirit of sharing is caring, the tips Mazibuko shares in her book will go far, boosting small and big businesses alike.

For more information, visit www.visitvakasha.co.za or email booksales@visitvakasha.co.za.

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