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Remember to do it in good time.  ~ 

IT’S time to submit your annual tax returns as the deadline is this Friday, 24 November.

Taxpayers can visit www.taxtim.com/za for online help to fill in their tax returns.

Step one

You need your IRP5 from your employer – it summarises all your payslips for the tax year. If you are unable to obtain an IRP5 – perhaps your previous work shut down – you need to provide SARS with an affidavit to explain why you don’t have an IRP5 to submit to SARS

Step two

Register or visit your SARS eFiling profile. If you forgot your login details, call 0800 00 7277 for help.

Step three

Get all the other tax documents:

  • Medical aid – medical aid tax certificate
  • Banks – IT3b
  • Investments – IT3b and IT3c
  • Charity – s18A tax certificate

Step four

If you get a travel allowance from work or use a company car, then you need these logbook details:

  • Listed kilometres from 1 March 2016 to 28 Feb 2017.
  • Kilometres travelled for business each day and the reason.
  • Make, model, registration and cost of vehicle.

Step five

List your deductions:

  • If you work from home or use your own laptop or phone for work, then supply the letter or employment contract where your employer agrees to this.
  • Any medical expenses not covered by your medical aid but paid to a registered medical practice by you, such as lab work and tests, are also tax deductible. Gather these documents, including proof of payment, and include in your tax return as well.

Step six

Relax and spend 20 minutes completing and filing your return with ease, confidence and simplicity.

If you are finding it difficult to gather the documents you need, phone the companies you need information from before the deadline.

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