CONTROL your money by managing finances with your smartphone.

The introduction of the NedbankMoney App last year gave the bank’s clients the opportunity to change how they managed money.

The banking app was designed around the bank’s core belief that people do not live for money, but rather money can help them achieve what they are passionate about.

Mutsa Chironga, divisional executive of consumer banking at Nedbank, said the app was created to offer an effective money management tool to assist people in reaching the lifestyle they desire.

“We designed the app to be the platform people need to manage and control finances effortlessly, quickly, safely and easily.”

The growing popularity of the NedbankMoney App shows that in just a few months it has been downloaded more than a million times.

The number of people using its innovative features is increasing.

Some of the most frequently used features include debit order reversal, adjustable payment limits and adjustable ATM limits as well as blocking, freezing and unfreezing possibly stolen or fraudulently compromised cards.

“We are working tirelessly to grow the app’s effective use and resources as a convenient, responsive and fully client- focused money management system. The improvements that we have recently added and the ones that we have planned to install in the coming months are literally transforming the way our clients see their money,” said Chironga.