WHAT started as a group of friends helping each other out turned into a savings club.

The Guyz is made up of 18 men and was started five years ago in Albert Luthuli, a kasi in Mangaung, in the Free State.

Chairman Thabo Molantoa said they were just friends who helped each other out during tough financial times.

“We all live in the same area so we decided to formalise our relationships as a stokvel.

“We don’t work the same jobs and have different salaries but that is not a burden for us because The Guyz benefits all of us the same.

“We started with 12 members and met once a month but because we grew to 18 members, we now meet twice a month. This means some members end up hosting twice in a year.

“We have different ways to raise funds for our society and for the past five years we have seen positive progress.

“We also change the uniform every year to make sure that those who might leave us can’t tarnish our name by doing bad deeds wearing our uniform.

“We also have disciplinary hearings to maintain order and respect.

“We keep in touch and organise through a WhatsApp group. Communication is key to keeping The Guyz organised and successful. It’s also a good way to inform everyone if you are going to be absent.

“We deposit the contribution in a bank account and at year’s end, we gather for a party and to share the money.

“We do welcome new men who are interested in joining The Guyz without any joining fee.”