As certain as death and taxes, South Africans can be assured that the cost of electricity won’t come down in price.  At least not if our local electricity provider has its way.


As a result, so many of us have switched to products that allow us to avoid using electricity. Some people have even managed to go entirely off grid but that takes a lot of effort!

One product that’s great for cutting down on power is a gas stove which can save you up to 30% in electricity bills.

Remember also that if you have a power outage, at least your stove will be able to keep going.

Better control

It’s also worth bearing in mind that gas burners make for easier control while cooking, because a flame doesn’t need any time to warm up or cool down like electric stoves. Temperatures are highly responsive and allow you to be a master chef in the kitchen.

Whip up meals quicker

Not only are they easier but they’re also faster as the flames on a gas stove spread themselves along the bottom and sides of a pan, allowing the food to cook more evenly. 

Cost effective and emergency ready

With the increase in the cost of living and electricity being expensive, gas is the cheaper option. Gas stoves can cost anything between 10% to 30% less than electric stoves to operate.

One thing that does often put people off from turning to gas is the safety issues surrounding it.

To clean them, wait until the burners and surrounding areas have completely cooled, then take the burners apart to soak and then clean them thoroughly in warm, soapy water. For stubborn spills, clean it with a mild abrasive paste made from baking soda and water. Once clean, rinse all parts in fresh water.

Then make sure to dry all parts thoroughly before replacing them –placing them in a warm (but not hot) oven for around 15 minutes is a good trick.

Remove any cooked food stuck under or on the burners and on the surface of the cooktop.

Clean clogged burner holes using a pin and replace the burners correctly, making sure they’re connected to the corresponding opening.

What not to do

Don’t pour water over the cooktop itself as excess water can prevent ignition when you use it thereafter.

Never use a toothpick or cocktail stick to clean the burner holes in case the wood snaps in the holes. Rather brush gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush to dislodge food particles and grease.

Avoid spraying cleaning liquid directly onto the control panel. Instead, spray some on a damp cloth and then wipe the surface. Don’t use abrasive pads or harsh cleaning products on the knobs or the indicators can be worn off. Many control knobs can be removed and cleaned in soapy water.

Most importantly, read the manual before you start it up.

Another factor that turns people off is the price of gas stoves which can run into the tens of thousands. For this, consider Teljoy’s rent-to-own through which you can get an Elba or Bertazzoni brand. Got to  for more information.