THERE is an ever increasing demand for financial advisers due to the money problems people find themselves in.

A world of financial security

In a world where financial security is a top concern for most people, building a financially secure future remains frustratingly outt of reach for many. Attaining financial freedom is simply a dream, not a goal.

A career in financial advice

A financial adviser could provide the solution by creating a strategy that effectively prepares people for their financial future.

Financial advisers play a crucial role in helping their clients analyse their personal circumstances, recommend investment products and set out a financial plan to reach their goals.

There are numerous perks to choosing a career as a financial adviser, not least that it can be a personally rewarding and lucrative venture.

According to a survey of 300 financial advisers, conducted by Momentum, these are the top five perks of the job:

Enabling the success of clients: The majority of financial advisers are driven by a genuine interest in people and their personal financial management.

Being a trusted partner: A successful partnership between a financial adviser and client can last for decades, and a financial intermediary should be a partner that has their client’s best interest at heart.

Self-fulfilment: Success in the financial life of a client is seen as success for the client’s financial adviser.

Unlimited earning potential: For most financial advisers, there is no limit to how much they can earn. Advisers mainly work on a commission basis, so income is based on the amount of new business or recurring revenue created each year.