PEOPLE are encouraged to budget but very few know where to even begin.

But with the new digital educator,Educate24, all people can now learn the foundations to good financial management.

Educate24 is a new education platform that provides courses and content that can start you on your budgeting journey.

One of the courses on offer is the six-week Basics of Personal Budgeting, which is priced at just R399.

It was put together by Dr Rousseau Lötter, senior lecturer at one of Mzansi’s top education institutions, who has taught business and investment management for more than eight years. Before that he managed investment portfolios at an investment firm.

“The basics of the budgeting course was designed for anyone who has to make financial decisions about their personal income, and is perfect for both individuals and families,” said Lötter.

This course is also particularly suited to couples – spouses and partners – who want to budget together. The course is based on articles the student has to read, and two readings are dedicated to improving shared budgeting and communicating over finances, which will be very important in a relationship.

“This is a great course for people who want to plan their personal finances and improve their thinking about money,” he said.

This course will be valuable to people starting their working careers as well. It also highlights some of the most common mistakes people make in their personal finances and the spending traps people easily fall into.

“While practical budget tips are included in the course, the main purpose is really to help people to gain discipline and self-awareness regarding their personal income,” said Lötter.

He said the course was created to help people live better lives where they are really in control of their money and free from the stress that finances often bring to individuals and families.

“The course was designed with people in mind and not just their money.

“It offers wisdom and practical tips to correct mistakes that we all are capable of making,” he said.

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