FEBRUARY is the month of love and while we may get carried away with celebrations, do not spend your money unwisely.

Carla Oberholzer, debt adviser and public relations officer at DebtSafe, said sticking to your budget while adding that little bit of extra care, of course, should be exercised.

“Overspending on your monthly budget is not worth it in the long run.”

She encourages people to be cautious when spending this Valentine’s Day.

Tips for Valentine’s month

- Plan your celebration

Don’t simply just have a Valentine’s Day party or evening without planning ahead – although it is probably too late to book a restaurant table this late. If you plan to throw a party, invite people, write a budget to cover the expenses of the people who are coming and run with that.

- Cook your own meal

Forget the restaurant and prepare your own delicious dinner with your partner or friends in the comfort of your own home. The internet is full of interesting, affordable and easy recipes.

- I’m not comfortable dining at home

If you have to dine out, good luck. Most places are running Valentine’s specials and are already fully booked.

But people cancel all the time so try your luck. Phone places until you discover a good restaurant with a reasonably-priced menu.

- Avoid credit and use cash

If you have made plans to enjoy a night out, do so with cash and avoid using your credit card. With cash you have a direct limit on your spending and you’ll be less likely to go overboard.

- Store treats are so yesterday

Luxury sweets and chocolates can be very expensive this time of year. If you are inclined, you can make something delicious for the object of your affection.

- Bouquets of flowers are expensive

Flowers die and wilt. Why not buy a potted plant or outside plant that will last for years?

It’s not where you go but who you are with that’s important

You don’t have to spoil your credit rating to spend time with the person you love or with friends.

Have a picnic in a park or watch a movie on the sofa together. Play a board game, make a meal together, chat or listen to a mix of great tunes. Don’t use money to prove your affection.