DO YOU know the unspoken rules of the office kitchen?

The workplace or office is a shared space and while sharing it is not a problem for most staff, a few do ruin it for everyone else.

Work kitchen rules

For most, the office is not at the top of the list of places we’d like to spend our free time but we make the most of the time we do spend there.

While it is important for us to do work, we also enjoy a chat with colleagues, hot coffee, tea and lunch – until one of these rules are broken.

Never take another’s food: Most work kitchens have a fridge where workers can store your lunch. Any package or lunchbox you see in there, that is not yours, belongs to someone else. Leave it alone.

There may be shared items such as milk, salt, pepper, sugar, tea, coffee and maybe jam, but if you are not sure where they came from, don’t assume you can use them – check first.

Apply this rule to any sauces you find such as tomato sauce, Tabasco or mayonnaise. Also, tell someone when the shared items are running out.

Think about space: Do not take up the whole fridge. Fridge space is to be shared. It is not a place for your groceries. It’s for a Tupperware box or little cooler bag, not a box wine, giant cake or whole sheep carcass.

Clean your mess: Don’t assume that someone has been hired to clean up after you.

If you are old enough to work, you are old enough to wash your dishes and cups.

Food that smells: If the food you love upsets or distracts everyone else, you should not eat it at work or eat it where its smell can’t reach anyone else’s nose. It’s as simple as that.

And do not warm up stinky leftovers in a shared microwave. Some food, like fish, releases disturbing odours when nuked. Don’t do it.

Why don’t people do this?:

Throw away empty milk containers but put the full one back in the fridge. Turn off the tap. FOOD24.COM