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Make the perfect Christmas trifle with these five tips.

British-born chef Matt Manning of One Ingredient shares these helpful ways to make the most of this festive dessert:

“Trifle is one of those desserts that you either love or hate. Many people have a tough time accepting this blend of sponge cake layered with fruit, jelly, custard, cream and a load of colourful toppings – but for most families it is a must have for Christmas, both because it’s cheap and that you get to use a lot of leftovers to make it.

“It’s also a lot of fun and you can get the kids to make parts of this famous pudding,” said Matt.


Make sure there’s enough sherry. “Some for the trifle and some for the chef! My granny used to soak her sponge overnight so it gives a good kick when you end a hearty Christmas dinner,” Matt added.

Make your own custard

Never cut corners in the kitchen just because it’s Christmas and you think you are too busy. A delicious and thick, creamy, vanilla custard is what your dessert needs.


Cover the top layer in hundreds and thousands or some other sprinkles.


Freshly picked strawberries make the perfect fruit for your trifle. If you are serious about making a kick-ass trifle, go the extra mile for the best ingredients.


Make your trifle as individual portions using small glass Console jars. Not only can you see the layers of sponge, fruit, cream and custard, but it also makes less mess and waste.

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