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Hosi Madosi (left) and his people, who use the land to fight poverty. Photo by Victor Hlungwani  ~ 

THE leader hates poverty. So he decided to fight it . . . by using empty land!

Traditional leader Hosi Evans Madosi of Malamulele noticed that land in rural areas was lying fallow – going to waste.

He said: “The majority of my people are living in appalling conditions – in a nation which is rich in land and gold.

“Subsistence farming has largely been abandoned and people are purchasing their food rather than growing it.

“But if we teach our people to use empty land – we can create more jobs than the government does,” said Madosi.

He said he started with 10 people to cultivate 10 hectares with tomatoes. Now he has a target: to empower 3 000 people and create more jobs.

Madosi felt sad when he saw most South Africans depending heavily on social grants – when there was enough land to create jobs for them.

Madosi said his dream will become reality soon, as more fallow fields are used for agriculture.

One of the member of Hosi Madosi’s project is Vonani Maluleke (33).

This young worker told the SunTeam: “When the chief put the matter to the people, he said he wanted to empower them through job creation.

“At first it seemed they didn’t believe the chief. But now I’m happy because I can see progress.

“The project now has 10 people with one tractor and also two tanks for storing water – and workers are getting paid at the end of the month!

“We’re now planting tomatoes and chillies and we hope to plant another three hectares in January,” said Vonani.

Mackson Chauke (43) told the People’s Paper he had spent many years as a jobless man.

He added: “Now I’m employed growing tomatoes and I can feed my family.”

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