TODAY, we put the spotlight on fruit compote.

This dessert comes from medieval Europe. It is made of whole or pieces of fruit cooked in water with sugar and maybe seasoned with vanilla, lemon or orange peel, cinnamon sticks, cloves, spices, ground almonds, grated coconut, candied fruit or raisins.

A compote may be served warm or cold.

The origin of fruit compote is not known but the word is French and means mixture.

Legend says compote was first baked to relieve the discomfort of humidity.

While it is often served with whipped cream or yoghurt, the recipe for compote needs no dairy ingredients.

This made it rapidly popular in Jewish cuisine because it does not impact on their religious dietary laws.

If you like dessert with a kick, one recipe makes the syrup out of wine while other variations use fruit that has been dried and preserved in brandy or some other strong alcohol.