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Don’t stress about all the Christmas traditions you’re supposed to keep – instead, change or ignore them, or make up new ones, but enjoy whatever you do!  ~ 

The festive season is an opportunity to spend time with family and friends, but this also means a lot of meals to be prepared. SunFood has some ideas to help.

Use fresh, seasonal ingredients

Swap out dried fruit for fresh fruit – use fresh cherries instead of glace; make a trifle with fresh berries instead of jelly.

Go local

Embrace local ingredients and unique South African recipes think Amarula fridge tart, biltong pâté, and gammon potjie. Or consider braaing your gammon for a more authentic South African flavour.

Deal with the weather

Many traditional Christmas dinner recipes are for winter, so revise your Christmas recipes for summer meals.

Update old recipes

Try updating traditional family recipes by using more modern presentations such as balls of stuffing on a stick.

Don’t get stuck on tradition

Don’t get trapped in fond memories of how Christmas was. If your Christmas table has food no one dares eat any other time of year, then don’t eat it at Christmas.

Start new traditions

Start new family traditions that work for your family. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but don’t go crazy!

Consider healthy alternatives

The way we eat has changed substantially over the years, so why not our Christmas dinners? Just because it is a little healthier doesn’t mean it can’t still be a feast. If you are going low carb, skip the rice and roast spuds in favour of cauliflower, rice and roast sweet potatoes with salads and lots of extra vegetables.

Do a potluck

The amount of work in preparing and cleaning up after a Christmas dinner is massive. Why not tell your friends and family that you will provide drinks and a beautiful table and then leave it up to them? Each guest brings their favourite Christmas food and leave it up to chance!

Reduce stress and outsource

Many restaurants offer pre-prepared Christmas dinners you can buy and set on the table. It costs some cash but you save in mess and stress.

Christmas-ify your favourite recipes

Turn any of your favourite recipes into a Christmas recipe by adding festive flair using traditional Christmas ingredients. Try a turkey bobotie with yellow rice and cranberries with a cranberry chutney. – FOOD24

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