WHILE people double check which resolutions to keep, many are sticking to their dietary promises.

One dietary movement that has had a big jump in growth is vegetarianism, but what is it all about and is it for you?

According to the Uber Eats FoodCast 2019 survey, the most increases in Mzansi searches over the last six months included edible flowers and meat substitutes like seitan, heme, hemp and manaeesh.

Showing a big change from South Africa’s traditional pap-and-vleis menu, people are eating less meat and more vegetarian options.

Even the vegan market is changing. Jackfruit, known as the vegan version of pulled pork, is slowly falling out of favour as newer meat-free offers become available.

Hot coffee will return as cold brew coffee’s popularity is expected to decline.

Uber Eats analysed more than 191 million searches on the app across Middle East Africa over the last six months to see what’s going to be hot and what’s not.

The FoodCast also revealed the below as the most popular foods of 2018 with garlic proving to be the firm favourite.

The top 20 food searches

- Garlic

- Ginger

- Coconut

- Tofu

- Honey

- Hummus

- Sriracha

- Quinoa

- Tahini

- Vegan

- Seaweed

- Miso

- Pumpkin

- Kimchi

- Chia

- Haloumi

- Gluten-free

- Dates

- Truffle

- Pho

Uber Eats User research head Jeanette Mellinger, said as people become more aware of what they eat, we can expect plant-based superfoods to continue to rise in popularity.

“Customer search volumes also show that food delivery apps are becoming increasingly important in how we select our daily food,” she said.