10 months ago
Blend nuts, seeds and dried fruit to your preferred taste.  ~ 

TODAY, SunFood celebrates an unusual prepared food – the trail mix.

Trail mix is a blend of dried fruit, grains, nuts and seeds. It is used as snack on outdoor hikes because it is tasty, lightweight, easy to store and nutritious. The ingredients provide a quick energy boosts from the carbohydrates in the dried fruit and seed mix or granola.

Energy comes from the mono and polyunsaturated fats in nuts.

The first claim for the invention of trail mix was in 1968 when two Californian surfers blended peanuts and raisins together for an affordable energy snack.

However, trail mix also features in Jack Kerouac’s 1958 novel The Dharma Bums, when the two main characters are described preparing for a hiking trip.

The recipe for trail mix is most likely European in origin, where it has been a snack, although with different names, in various countries since the 17th century.

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