Some people have reservations about using the microwave to reheat or cook food, but for the most part, the microwave is a safe appliance. Contrary to popular belief, science has shown that, in fact, microwaves do not cause cancer, nor will they take away from the nutritional value of the majority of food items.

That being said, some food just isn't made for microwave preparation, and you should probably be aware of what not to cook in this device for both your health and your safety.

Lean meats will dry out in the microwave.

Food safety and clean eating expert, award-winning entrepreneur, television chef, author and inventor, Chef Mareya Ibrahim, also known as "The Fit Foodie," told Business Insider meats with high-fat contents, like bacon, "microwave beautifully" because of their grease.

Lean meats like pork and chicken, however, will dry out in the microwave and become almost inedible.

Seafood can get rubbery if you cook it in the microwave.

Seafood cooked in the microwave will have a similar texture to that of a balloon.