THERE is a question a lot of working people ask around this time of the year: “Am I satisfied with my job?”

But visions of that resignation letter, closing the door of your old office behind you one last time, and stepping into a brilliant new career filled with excitement and opportunity should be tempered.

Know that real work and strategy go into successfully moving from one job or career to another.

Peter Kriel, general manager of The Independent Institute of Education, told SunEducation that every year thousands of working people enrolled in part-time or distance courses either to enter a new field or improve their qualifications to further their careers.

“Boosting your academic qualifications is a great way to ensure your career keeps moving in the right direction,” he said.

Before you announce your joyous resignation, make sure you have ticked all the boxes on the following steps.

Failure to do so could mean that you find yourself without a job.

Things you should think about:

Should you really leave?

After months of stress and pressure, it can be tempting to throw caution to the wind.

Sit down and take a long, hard look at your reasons for wanting to move. Having a job is better than no job. Look for opportunities where you are right now.

Do research first

Kriel says if you do decide to move, don’t give up while you plan to quit.

“Continue to give your best at work and grow every day, but at the same time investigate careers and positions that interest you,” he said.

Chart the waters

Plot a strategy for the most efficient and effective way to get there.

Take everything into ac-
count: potential loss of income, reduced income when starting, time required to execute your plan, and resources needed.

Set sail

Make sure you know the deadlines for registration.

Do you have the required documentation?

Is your CV updated?

Keep your ear to the ground for opportunities!