CRIMINALS know which buttons of the vulnerable to push to get them to hand over the little money they have . . .

Following a recent increase in fake job advertisements, Life Healthcare is again warning people to watch out for job scams.

Juliet Mhango, human resource executive at Life Healthcare, warned that people were using the Life Healthcare hospital name to offer fake jobs to people who desperately needed them.

“These fake adverts are placed on recruitment websites or job portals where our legitimate hospital names are used to advertise fake vacancies at Life Healthcare next to the legit ones.”

She said people were asked to pay about R4 000 upfront as part of their application process to secure their application. But once they paid the money, the person they contacted and paid for the job vanishes.

She said the hospital industry had been aware of fake vacancies for more than a year, but the number of fake adverts posted in their name had been increasing rapidly over the past few weeks.

She urged people who applied for hospital positions and were asked to make a payment upfront not to do so as this was NOT how they recruited new employees.

Juliet said people should report these fake adverts to the webmaster of the online portals where the adverts were posted or visit their Life Healthcare careers page and follow the application process.

If you need to know, here is what a fake job advert looks like:

- The enquiry contact number is a cell number and not a landline.

- A fax number is provided as the only contact method.

- The application form requests banking details.

- Payment may well be requested “upfront” for administration purposes and uniforms.

- No face-to-face interviews are requested.

- Posts do not use the hospital name in full – Bedford Gardens Hospital instead of Life Bedford Gardens Hospital.

- While the position itself may well be an existing vacant position at Life Healthcare, the application process is not legitimate.

She said those who were unsure whether the vacancy was fake or not, or wanted to know more about the advertised posts, should call the hospital’s human resource department.

People who wanted to apply for different positions at their hospital should visit